The West can help lead India to Christ

By September 6, 2011

India (MNN) — India. It's a country with over a billion people. It's a country with more than 1,000 dialects. It's been the focus of outreach by missionaries for centuries, and the need for workers and funding to help resources those workers are great.

Gospel For Asia supports national missionaries in India. GFA's Daniel Punnose says, "There are 500,000 villages just in India alone that have not heard the Gospel even one time. We go to villages often, and we ask people, 'Do you know Jesus Christ?' And the person will respond to us and say, 'I've lived here all my life. Your friend Jesus is not here. Check the next village down the road.'"

GFA has thousands of missionaries ready to go, but Punnose says they just need to be sent. "The opportunity that we have as the believers from the West is to fulfill the Great Commission even from where we are by living our lives simply and using those resources that God's blessed us with to see thousands and thousands of people sent out to share the Gospel with people who have never heard the Gospel."

A small investment each month can go a long way in seeing entire villages come to Christ. "For a national missionary — someone who grew up in the country, who knows the language, likes the food, likes the heat — they can connect with people easily. Someone can actually help a missionary for $30 a month."

Because GFA staff everywhere raise their own support, all of the funding donated goes directly to help the missionary on the field.

Punnose says you can support a missionary by going to "You can see the missionaries on-line. You can pick them out. You get a profile. You can pray for them every single day. You can hear about what they're doing every so often. It's a huge opportunity for us to take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on something eternal, and that's God's Kingdom."


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