There is always room for a good love story

By February 16, 2016
(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response)

Syria (BGR/MNN) — We know it’s past Valentine’s Day, but sometimes, you just have to share the kind of stories that stick with you. Here’s a love story that’s not only inspired, but it’s also intertwined with the hope of Christ. First, the love story:

He had loved, and he had lost. Ammar adored Zariyah, the girl next door. But before Ammar could ask for Zariyah’s hand, mortar shells rained down on their village.

The two families–and the lovers–fled and were separated in the chaos. Now a refugee, the young man didn’t even know if Zariyah was alive. Eventually, he began helping Baptist Global Response representatives distribute relief.

To his surprise, he rediscovered his joy while serving others. And then, as Ammar worked his way through a refugee camp, dispensing aid, he found a familiar face in one of the tents. Zariyah. She was alive and ready to become his wife.

Baptist Global Response has been working alongside the national church to meet some of the overwhelming needs in the Syrian Refugee Crisis. They share the hope of Christ as they respond to refugee needs in places like Syria, Northern Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.

$50 provides a supplemental food basket. A hygiene kit for $20 brings back human dignity; a warm blanket in freezing temperatures costs $10. This crisis is growing. Help be a part of the solution by partnering with BGR.

BGR has open and on-going volunteer requests for medical/health care teams, food distribution/ministry teams, refugee processing centers, and others. Check out the BGR volunteer page for the latest open projects.

Why does this matter? BGR undergirds the work of believers and the Gospel around the world and partners with others who are like-minded. The ministry teams demonstrate the love of God in everything they do so that people in need can experience the lives God created them to enjoy.

Ask God to perform more miracles and reunite refugees separated by war.

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