There’s an unprecedented opportunity to share the Gospel in Indonesia

By January 20, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — As the world continues to count the tsunami’s missing and dead, a ministry that’s telling young people the story of Christ is preparing to go into a Muslim stronghold to share that story.

Book of Hope International’s Rob Hoskins says, “God takes disaster and tragedy and uses it for good. And, I would definitely say that’s what’s happening for the Book of Hope. The tsunami has created a greater opportunity for the Gospel and for evangelism. The greatest opportunity for us has come in Indonesia.”

While Book of Hope has already distributed God’s Word in Indonesia, the Aceh region has been difficult to penetrate, says Hoskins. “Together with Northern Korea, I would say Aceh has been one of the most closed regions to the Gospel in all of the Asia Pacific,” he says. “Our directors for Indonesia actually now have been appointed to represent the entire Christian community in a join humanitarian aid effort in cooperation between Muslims and Christians to respond to the tragedy. And, our directors there have seen this as an unprecedented opportunity.”

Hoskins says physical assistance is important, but not the only need. “We the people of God are the only ones that will give the Gospel to people. And, as His people we need to give to the humanitarian effort, but we also are mandated to meet the spiritual needs of people and here we have an opportunity to do it.”

Before the tsunami hit, Book of Hope trained Indonesian Christians in Scripture distribution. Hoskins says that laid the foundation for their work. “All of a sudden we have an opportunity now, not [just] to hand out hundreds of Books of Hope, but literally tens of thousands that we’re able to get into the area right now. Again, every $100 will reach 300 people there in Banda Aceh right now with the Word of God.”

You can help Book of Hope by going to their website at, or call calling 1-800-448-2425.

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