There’s unprecedented opportunity for ministry despite Islamic militancy

By November 28, 2006

Middle East (MNN) — As tensions continue to mount between Muslims and Christians around the world, one ministry is excited about the ministry opportunities that are opening in the Muslim world.

Book of Hope International’s Rob Hoskins says recently the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently prayed following his speech at the United Nations. “It sounds like really beautiful words, but what he’s really praying for is the second coming of the Mahdi, which has to be preceded by the annihilation of Christianity. So, what he’s really praying for is for Christianity to be wiped out on the face of the earth. So, we’re seeing this tremendous militancy against Christianity, against missionaries, against the spread of the Gospel.”

According to Hoskins, many Christians feel powerless to doing anything in situations like these. “The greatest thing that we can do,” says Hoskins, “is to plant the truth of God’s Word in the hearts of these hungry and searching children and youth who are searching for answers. They’re just kids that are facing the same obstacles that our kids are.”

That’s exactly what Book of Hope is doing. Hoskins says they’re on their way to distributing 5 million Books of Hope into the Muslim world today. “This isn’t with our normal tactics of going into schools because that’s not permissible. But, what we’re doing is we’re using a relational based model where we’re mobilizing existing believers in Muslim countries to reach out to children and youth with God’s Word.”

Hoskins says the open doors have been greater than they’ve ever been. “Although we hear all these stories about how Islam is encroaching, what we’re really seeing happen is we’re seeing spiritual breakthroughs and Jesus being presented to more Muslim children and youth than in the history of mankind.”

Book of Hope is working in more than 14 Muslim nations today and they’re wanting to expand. Hoskins says, “We have tremendous opportunities in several languages. One is the (Persian) language for Iran where the church is really in desperate need of children’s and youth materials and so the church has approached us, asking us if we could please translate our Book of Hope into the (Persian) language.”

It costs about $20,000 for each translation project. Currently, someone is matching dollar for dollar any donations made for Book of Hope’s Muslim outreach. Hoskins says, “Normally, one dollar reaches three children with a Scripture portion, but today because of this opportunity, actually, $1 reaches six kids with the Gospel.”

Your help is needed today. To donate, contact Book of Hope through their information provided here.

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