Thimar-LSESD reaches the displaced

By February 7, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — Increasing conflicts in the Middle East are affecting gospel ministry in Lebanon.

“We’re seeing renewed fighting in some countries like Syria and completely new conflicts erupting in other places,” says Hunter Williamson with Thimar-LSESD.

Thimar-LSESD, Christmas, December 22 2023

Photo courtesy of Thimar-LSESD via Facebook

“When the war between Hamas and Israel began in October, some of the armed groups here in Lebanon, who are allied with Hamas, began attacking Israeli positions, which has created a conflict here which has displaced about 83,000 people.”

Israel has also returned fire into Lebanon. In the middle of these tensions, LSESD seeks to provide relief and development aid as well as education and church discipleship. (More on that here.)

Today, the needs are enormous.

“The country has really been suffering under a severe economic crisis since 2019. It’s been hosting a tremendously large refugee population of Syrians. It also hosts a few 100,000 Palestinians as well,” says Williamson.

“Some of the latest figures show more than 80% of the population being cast into poverty.”

Pray for Thimar-LSESD as they provide aid for displaced persons in Lebanon, and consider supporting this critical ministry.

“Every donation, every dollar helps tremendously,” says Williamson.

Header photo courtesy of LSESD.

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