‘This God speaks our language’

By December 7, 2009

India (MNN) — As the end of the year approaches, Audio Scripture Ministries looks forward to the work God has given them in 2010.

J.P. Sundararajan, the India-Asia director at ASM, said he is heading to India in January for two large Scripture distributions in areas in desperate need of the Gospel.

Toward the end of February, ASM will be distributing audio units to the Miso tribe of Northeast India.

"We're working in an area of India where we haven't really done a big distribution. Up until now, we've been doing small distributions (five, 10, maybe 50 families at a time)," Sundararajan said. "We're hoping to reach over 200 families [this time]."

He said the area is largely unreached by audio Scriptures, but individuals are excited for the distribution.

"The people who gather are people who are really eagerly waiting to hear the Good News–especially in their own language," Sundararajan said.

The second distribution will take place in Orissa, a volatile area for Christians in the past several years. Toward the middle of March, ASM will be working with the Mundari tribe, an oppressed minority low in the caste system. Recently, they have experienced even more persecution due to many tribe members converting to Christianity.

As ASM distributes the audio Scriptures, they will give each recipient special instructions.

"We encourage people to listen to Scripture units for one hour a day and to gather at least 10 people to listen with them. (Gathering groups of 10 or more is almost a given in India–it's very easy to gather people together). People, in essence, give us their word that that's what they will do," Sundararajan said.

However, the distribution, the communicating of this message and other instructions are not possible without the help of local pastors, evangelists and missionaries.

"[They] best understand their own mission field," said Sundararajan. Before ASM arrives in country, they register individuals to receive the units. Then, "During the day of the distribution, we have a worship service where all these people gather, and we explain to them the technology they will be receiving, how to operate it, etc."

Through these individuals' hard work, the Gospel is reaching even more people across India. Then, as people turn to Christ, they have a support system already in place in the country to answer any questions they have and to encourage them in their faith, Sundararajan said.

Because of past distributions in India, wherever ASM travels they hear this refrain: "We have worshipped many gods all our lives, but this God speaks our language."

Please pray for the Miso and Mundari tribes of India who will be receiving audio units next year. Pray that God will begin working in their hearts and open their minds to understand His Word.

Pray also for travel safety for the ASM team who will be going to India. And pray for the believers on the ground as they face opposition in their work for Christ.

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