Thousands hear the Gospel on the beach, follow-up needed

By February 3, 2004

Argentina (MNN) — Thousands of people were able to hear the Gospel message as part of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association’s BeachFast Argentina a few weeks ago. However, problems are facing many who came to Christ as part of the campaign in Mar Del Platta.

300,000 people attended the BeachFest event which featured some very popular entertainers who claim Christ as Savior. LPEA’s Jim Williams says evangelism got started one-on-one. He says, “I noticed many of the counselors were just singling out people before it even started and started talking to them and sharing their faith.”

The results were incredible says Williams, “We had many people come to know the Lord and we were able to talk to them.” Since there are only 10,000 believers in Mar Del Platta, follow-up is going to be a challenge. “We’re really limited by the number of counselors as far as capturing the names of the people and being able to give them literature. We were able capture and get literature to a little over 6,000 people in two days.”

Many more people responded to the Gospel, but Williams says, “We just weren’t able to get to them. We had them spread out through the entire crowd.” But, he says you can’t get to everyone. Pray that these new believers will get connected to a local church and grow in their faith.

While this was supposed to be that last Festival in Argentina, it may not be. Williams says, “But, before Luis left we even got a letter from the governor of one of the provinces, asking him to consider coming to his province.” Pray for wisdom for the LPEA and that they’ll be able to decide what to do with future outreach in the region.

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