Thousands march against genocide in Darfur, Christian groups hopeful

By May 2, 2006

USA (MNN) — Thousands of people gathered around the United States asking the United States government to get more actively involved in the situation in Darfur, Sudan. It’s believed that more than 200,000 people have been killed, more than two million have been displaced and countless others are suffering from hunger and disease since the genocide began in 2003.

The rebel insurgency and the central government in Khartoum and its proxy tribal militias known as the janjaweed are believed to be responsible for much of the killing and carnage.

Persecution Project Foundation has been working in Sudan since 1989. PPF’s Ed Lyons says this mass rally is just what was needed. “With the increased attention that we’re receiving it’ll be a good thing for the Darfurians. If we can get a peace-keeping force in Darfur to watch over this it just might turn the tide on the genocide that’s occurring.”

Today was supposed to have been the deadline for a peace agreement in the region. Lyons isn’t too optimistic. “The government of Khartoum doesn’t want to have a peace-keeping force in the area, so they’re prolonging this as much as possible. The African Union is in place, but they are just overwhelmed.”

According to Lyons, PPF’s work isn’t stopping. “We are having an outreach to both the Muslims and the Christians who are being displaced. We’re seeing it as a wonderful opportunity and seeing the Lord work in the lives of these Muslim people in particular, who are fleeing the genocide and they’re getting help from us, as Matthew 25 tells us to do.”

Persecution Project is also beaming Christian radio programming into the region. Lyons says funding for humanitarian efforts, radio broadcast and other needs is greatly needed, but prayer is most important. “Intercessory prayer for the believers there and the Word of God to go forth is a priority. Without God in the mix, everything we do is futile.”

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