Wycliffe marks a half century of work in Papua New Guinea.

By May 2, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–Wycliffe Bible Translators’ Brian Hodgkin says their team dedicated New Testaments in the 158th and 159th Papua New Guinea languages on April 15.

The region is very diverse, which helps sustain their work. “Out of those 800 plus language communities, in 50 years, We’ve now got 159 New Testaments that this organization has been involved in helping to produce out there in the communities in Papua New Guinea.”

Hodgkin explains the longevity of their work stems from a partnership mindset with the indigenous church. “We bring skills of linguistics and translation methods and literacy and other things we are involved in. We have to rely very heavily on the Papua New Guineans to be the experts in language as far as we are concerned.”

The excitement, unity and good progress in literacy is invigorating. Pray for furthering of independence through wise use of resources and for continuing New Testament translations.

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