Thousands saved in Graham crusade in USA

By June 28, 2005

USA (MNN) — Thousands gathered over the weekend in New York City for what could be the last crusade in New York City for evangelist Billy Graham.

More than 242,000 people gathered in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park over the weekend for the Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade. According to Graham officials more than 6,600 people made professions of faith during the meetings.

However, Graham’s historic preaching wasn’t the only form of evangelism going on during the weekend. Saturday was youth-focused. Games and a live-action drama featuring Bibleman took place at the meeting. Also, Concert of Hope including Jars of Clay, Nicole C. Mullen, and Tree 63 shared the Gospel in song.

Coupled with that, Christian young people from around the country descended upon New York to participate in street ministry through street evangelism, volunteering at soup kitchens and churches, and inviting people to the Crusade. More than 2,000 teens blanketed the city and many were able to share the Gospel on the spot.

This was the first preaching event for Graham since last November’s Los Angeles meetings.

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