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Published on 09 June, 2005

Threats are increasing against Christians in India, prayer is needed

India (MNN) — Mission groups are requesting urgent prayer for believers in India.

President of Mission India of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dave Stravers, says, “The persecution of Christian leaders and Christians in India seems to be accelerating rapidly. About two weeks ago two pastors in the city of Hyderabad were brutally murdered and the police are blaming their deaths on a Hindu extremist organization that has made frequent threats against.”

These threats, says Stravers, are coming more frequent now. “Many pastors in the city of Hyderabad received telephone calls threatening their lives. Police are taking it very seriously, encouraging Christian leaders not to go out alone, to avoid visiting unknown people who might call them for a meeting or to request prayer.”

Stravers knows why these attacks and threats are happening in India. “This is, in our view, a direct result of the dramatic opening of India to the Gospel. Just in the last few years we’ve seen a very notable and dramatic turning of people to Christ in places of India that, for centuries, have been completely closed.”

Pray that Christians will have courage as they continue sharing their faith. Pray also for safety.

Mission India is currently training Christians to reach out to children through their Bible Club program. According to Stravers, the threats aren’t hurting that work in the least. “Our problem is we can not provide help to enough people who are asking for it. We have about 100,000 teachers in training during the summer months, reaching 4-million children. But, if we had the resources we could easily double or triple that ministry.”

Your gift of $100 can help Mission India reach 100 children with the Gospel. Pray that many people will respond to that need.

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