Tooth fairy money for Bible School

By May 23, 2012

USA (MNN) — When Mission India began their 10-video series for kids called My Passport to India, they had no idea what a child movement they had started for Christ.

6-year-old Sara Beth Seay would sit with her mom and siblings twice a week to watch Mission India’s mailed video installments of My Passport to India. It was enough to start a spark.

According to Sara Beth’s mother, Lucy Seay, “They saw the children in India, and so that made it more personal for them…. I think when you develop a passion for other people to know Jesus when you’re a child, that’s just going to grow as you grow.”

That passion for helping others definitely grew fast for Sara Beth, now 8-years-old. She says when she saw the videos of the children in India, “They looked poor and upse, and they looked kind of sad, but I’m like, ‘The least I can do is teach them about Jesus!’”

Yet, Sara Beth also noticed that “they’re thankful for what they have even though they have very little.”

Every dollar donated to Mission India sends one Indian kid to Children’s Bible School. Mission India provides a little “suitcase bank” for donations with their videos; but with Sara Beth’s plan, she was going to need a bigger "suitcase."

Sara Beth started by donating her money from the "tooth fairy." She also went on to hold a toy sale and sell her art drawings from her driveway, donating all of that money, as well.

Then Sara Beth took her mission to the streets, biking with her dad and a distributing Mission India pamphlets door-to-door.

Sara Beth says, “[We] asked them, ‘Hey, I’m helping Mission India. It’s a thing for kids in India! They go to a Bible club, and I was wondering if you would like to give any money to help.’”

The mission spread to Sara Beth’s friends when, instead of gifts for her birthday, Sara Beth asked them to bring donations for Mission India. She also put out pictures of kids from Mission India to help her friends learn a bit about the organization.

Because of My Passport to India, $112 was raised just from Sara Beth’s birthday, along with hundreds of dollars from all of her other projects combined. She thinks other kids should get involved, too!

“They should help because God has called them to, and God wants people to share the Gospel to other kids and other people—everyone around the world!”

Click here if you want to learn more about My Passport to India and how you can get your kids involved, too.

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