Training helps the Gospel gain ground in India

By February 27, 2008

India (MNN) — The population of India is reaching that of China, currently at 1.1 billion. The majority of those people belong to the Hindu religion, some are Muslims, and just three
percent claim to be Christians. 

AMG International
, with the help of organizations in Europe and the United States, is able to reach out to 80,000 people each month.  

In order to continue to advance the Gospel and to improve the effectiveness of national workers, AMG held a conference this month called "Hope for India." Leaders taught Biblical subjects, and evangelistic meetings were held. Many are invited, and many often come to Christ during these meetings. AMG is hoping this year was no different.

Throughout the year, national workers often must travel to remote villages. Much of AMG's work is concentrated in Andhra Pradesh. Workers participate in large-scale meetings where thousands of people attend. There are even events geared directly toward youth. 

AMG has been working in India for 30 years doing this kind of work — helping destitute children, those suffering from leprosy, elderly people and those living in spiritual darkness. 

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