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Published on 06 February, 2012

Training launch in Tanzania to provide foundation for lifelong ministry

Tanzania (MNN) — Reaching the last people groups on earth is no easy task. As one Africa Inland Mission missionary points out, "It's human nature: we tend to save the hardest work for last."

Yet AIM is committed to doing whatever it takes to reach even those most difficult to reach. In an effort to do so, AIM is launching another TIMO team in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania this month.

TIMO, or Training in Ministry Outreach, places a team of new missionaries with an experienced missionary couple who serve as team leaders. Together, they live as learners among an unreached or partially unreached people group with a shared goal of preaching the Gospel.

TIMO is a two-year, intensive program designed to provide the foundation for a lifetime of ministry. Team members in Tanzania this month will begin to learn a new language and then actually begin to share the message of Christ. They will discover methods of outreach, will learn to pray and intercede, and will put into practice every mission theory they have learned.

In order to be most effective, TIMO members will even have homework. They will write papers and do a great deal of reading to help build a solid foundation for ministry.

This month, AIM is asking for prayer for this new team. It is a joint effort between AIM and ReachGlobal, the mission arm of the EFCA. Pray for safety for each of the team members as they arrive and begin to learn about their new surroundings and culture. Ask God to help them through the initial stages of culture shock.

Pray also for the team leaders to provide quality mentoring, discipleship, encouragement, and support for each of the team members as she leads the team. Pray that all this work would result in more lives reached for Christ.

To learn more about AIM's TIMO program and even watch a video about it, click here.

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