U.S. and Haitian churches to partner

By February 6, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — It's been more than two years since the devastating earthquake destroyed Port-au-Prince, and the rebuilding continues. Churches are especially in need of help. That's why Bible Centered Ministries International , or BCM, has started a new program.

BCM's Tommy Gambrill says, "We're spearheading a project called, 'Restoring Hearts and Homes in Haiti.' The idea is to get U.S. churches to partner with Haitian churches and provide prayer support for them, financial support, and even teams to go."

BCM is partnering with the Union of Evangelical Baptists of Haiti, or UEBH. The UEBH has over 250 churches across Haiti, 25 Christian grade schools, four camp properties, and a post graduate seminar school in Port-au-Prince.

This organization was decimated. Gambrill says, "Many of their churches were destroyed, people lost their lives, pastors and teachers found themselves asking the question, 'What do we do?' By God's grace, we got connected."

The goal is to get the churches up and functioning again. The earthquake saw thousands turn to Christ. So, pastors not only have to function without a church building, "but he has more people coming to him that want to know about salvation. And, so how can we help people spiritually understand what it means that God wants them to have eternal life, but then also help them physically. I think the two go hand-in-hand."

Gambrill envisions teams being made up with construction workers, pastors, trauma counselors, vacation Bible school teams, and even medical professionals to help in the partnership effort. "Even people who like to do sports. Soccer, basketball and other sports could also be a good outreach for the kids."

BCM is looking for 6 to 12 churches to join in the partnership. If you're interested, we'll connect you at our Web site.

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