Training Romanians to share Christ with others

By November 24, 2003

Romania (MNN) — Evangelical Baptist Mission says they are trying to work with the Christians in Romania to further develop their evangelistic skills so they will share the Gospel with their fellow countrymen. Patrick Klansek says they are seeking to develop church and spiritual leadership and come alongside existing churches and pastors to provide them with training so they will get involved in the communities where no Gospel outreach exists.
Many Romanians expressed their hesitancy to cross the mountain range to share the Gospel. There are many communities in the area that are in spiritual darkness and have never heard the Gospel message.
EBM says they are praying Romanians will get a vision of what it means to evangelize and reach out to the dark places. EBM currently has team members in Romania sharing the Gospel but at the same time realize they can only do so much. They are working at training local Christians so the nationals are equiped to share with each other.

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