Trans World Radio marks growth in Kenya

By September 29, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — The Trans World Radio staff in Kenya has always
dreamed of being able to broadcast from a network of FM stations–broadcasts specifically geared
for the needs of the people of Kenya.

That dream now is on its way to becoming reality. TWR was recently given seven FM frequencies
which reach out into Nairobi and other remote areas in the north and east. Many of the villages they will be able to
reach have never had a Christian broadcast available. Many of the people in these villages are refugees who have fled
from war-torn areas of Africa and faced incredible hardships that have made
them open to the Gospel.

At this point, TWR has placed temporary transmitters and
antennae to preserve their new frequencies. 
But for long-term use, seven permanent radio stations need to be
built. Broadcasts would be recorded
locally and in Nairobi and transmitted by a studio-to-transmitter link. 

TWR's work in Kenya currently consists of 32 different
programs with more than 60 hours of programming every week. The Kenya office dispatches 133 programs on
CD to their Regional office in South Africa which then transfers the programs
to Swaziland.

Prayerfully consider helping TWR get permanent radio
stations set up in Kenya. If you can
help with this, go here.

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