Trans World Radio’s Revived Broadcast Receives Hopeful Feedback

By February 23, 2007

Turkey (MNN) — A Kurdish Kurmanji broadcast received hope filled feedback as its first response. 

The broadcast of Trans World Radio took a break of several years but recently teamed back up with ERF to revive its 15-inute evangelistic program. It is aired three times per week in Kirmanji, the most common dialect of the Kurdish language. 

The listener, who lives in eastern Turkey, responded, "I was thrilled when I discovered your radio programs.  For two or three years I have been listening to Christian broadcasts in Turkish.  However, my heart was so happy when I heard the radio programs in the Kurdish language.  Thank you so much!"

Kurds are still the most un-reached minority group in the most un-reached country of Turkey.  Since Kurdish is spoken by almost 80% of the people group, the broadcast reaches many additional people.  Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and the ex-Soviet states of Central Asia are the countries where Kurds, who are mainly oral communicators, live. 

The listener explained that growing up, he had to study at a strong religious school of another major religion.  Later he had studied in Georgia where he had met Christians and realized it was a faith for all people.  When he had to return home he wrote to many churches but received no reply.  "I would like to live among Christians and learn more about their faith.  Who can I contact?" the listener wrote. 

Please pray for this ministry to continue to reach people who are searching and in need of Jesus Christ.

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