Translation moves forward on an audio scripture project.

By January 14, 2004

India (MNN)–The India team involved in the Scripture recording of the Rengma language for Audio Scripture Ministries continues to make headway.

The expected release for the Rengma New Testament cassettes is April 2004. They have plans to reach 500 families through the Word for the Family project. Pray for smooth reading and accurate proofing for this language.

The World Cassette Outreach (WCOI) has provided 1000 listening kits and have another 1000 families waiting for players and tapes. A manufacturer is developing a new cassette player called the Mithra (Friend or Companion).
Pray that the new player distribution will not be hindered due to finances.

ASM works with Bible translators, missionaries, and others who recognize the need for Scriptures in audio format.

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