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By April 29, 2015
Tabatha Lovell and Adoption Airfare is dedicated to helping adoption and missions travel for the cause of Christ.

Tabitha Lovell and Adoption Airfare is dedicated to helping adoption and missions travel for the cause of Christ.

USA (MNN) — In the difficult process of planning a missions trip or adoption travel, have you ever wished you could connect with somebody who cares? Adoption and mission trips are full of unknowns. Only those who have gone through it know. They understand the emotional ups and downs of each experience. It can be difficult.

Adoption Airfare was born out of co-founder Tabitha Lovell’s mission trip to Uganda and a passion for adoption to be a blessing to those individuals. Her desire is “to help bring children home with flights, providing missionary flights for people who are traveling internationally for missions work and Christian ministries, equipping them with low-cost airline tickets.”

Lovell says God is using Adoption Airfare to do more than just bring families together. “When we see Christian families adopting children, where maybe they came from an Islamic background and they never heard about Jesus, or maybe they came from a Buddhist background for that family to share Jesus with them, that is the ultimate, beautiful thing, to see these children coming to the knowledge of Christ.”

When Adoption Airfare represents you, Lovell says, “You get a travel agent that’s there praying for you, serving you. Our team actually gathers together to pray in a prayer meeting, and we are very involved in what’s going on with them with the mission field.”

Rather than booking flights with the airlines, Adoption Airfare helps with things you wouldn’t otherwise think about. “The flights that we have can offer extra baggage. The flights are lower, a lot of times, than what you would see online.” Adoption Airfare also has special terms: they allow you to change your tickets or even get a refund.

Adoption Airfare has recently become a partner with Mission Network News. We’re excited to see how God is using businesses like Adoption Airfare and other Christian companies to see people come to Christ.

If you’re planning some adoption or missions travel, connect with Adoption Airfare here.


  • Kent Biller says:

    Our church is planning a mission trip to Zambia in 2016 and would like more information about your ministry of Adoption Airfare.

  • Krystal says:

    This is an awesome organization that I am reading about here. As my husband an I completed an adoption last year in Ukraine, and had the expense of changing tickets back and forth on 3 different occasions, we are trying to do a little better planning this time. By law, I will start searching the database in June, but more than likely will he will not travel after our next child until sometime in August. I believe it is law that our first one has to be home a year, and that the only thing that could change that outside of God would be medical issues that allowed the government to process it quicker. As we talk about the expense of another flight, I wanted to find out if there were only particular countries that you serviced, or whether you would be available for a china trip?

  • Hello Everyone!! Please contact us if you are taking any upcoming trips internationally!! You can fill out a quote page on our website at with all of your information, and you can also email us at [email protected]. We are so thankful to be able to provide this service to ministries who are taking the gospel into all the world, and also adopting children internationally!! Please reach out to us!! Thank you!!! ~Tabitha 🙂 800-277-7651 x800

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