Tribal Christian becomes a missionary

By July 2, 2008

(MNN) — A family from the Ayore tribe of Paraguay has decided to move to a
distant Ayore village and teach the Gospel there. They are the first Ayore people to step out
in faith and answer the call to evangelize people outside their community.

Ajitai served as a deacon in his local church for quite
awhile, prior to the church commissioning him and
his wife, Gata, to go as missionaries to the other village. 

New Tribes missionaries Bruce and Alice Higham, along with
three church leaders, have visited Ajitai, Gata, and their daughter in their
new home. They found that the family is
doing well. 

The Ayore in the other village have gladly accepted Ajitai's
family and their Bible lessons. 

Ayore culture used to be fierce, violent, and aggressive before it was transformed by the Gospel of peace. Now the Ayore people are reaching out of
their comfort zone to bring the Gospel to other communities, which is a
challenge for them.

It is not easy for the Ayore to cross the boundary from
their culture to another culture. Ayore
women develop warm, close relationships with each other while weaving beautiful
bags and bracelets. Nevertheless, God is
helping them learn how to reach out to the lost. 

Much of New Tribes Mission's work in Paraguay is now
in the hands of tribal leaders. 

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