Tribal people in Senegal have no time for God

By September 1, 2008

Africa (MNN) — The rainy season in Senegal and Gambia is bring with it challenges for missionaries with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

The rainy season is upon the Wolof, Lebou and Jola-Fonyi people who live in the region. But in recent years, the rainy season has been coming later and finishing earlier. Last year, there was little rice for the Jola-Fonyi due to a lack of water.

IMB missionaries working among the Wolof (WUHL-uf) have a love-hate relationship with the rain. They love it because they know it is life for the people, providing water for crops, bathing, drinking and every necessary part of life. They hate it because it means that many of the men will be working long hours in the fields. In one village, the men have said they no longer have time to listen to Bible stories.

IMB leaders are asking you to pray that these men will realize that God's Word is just as important as tending to their fields. Pray also that missionaries will not be discouraged but find ways to reach the community during the busy, rainy season. And, ask God's Spirit to cause the Jola-Fonyi, Lebou, and Wolof peoples to thirst for living water that never runs dry.


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