Tropical storm wreaks havoc on an already devastated Mozambique

By February 26, 2007

Mozambique (MNN) — Torrential rains caused widespread
flooding along the Zambezi River in Mozambique. Initially it displaced
60,000.  Coupled with a cyclone that
number has increased, says World Vision's Liz Satow.

Satow, speaking from Mozambique, says, "120,000 people
were displaced from their homes, 50-percent whom were children. The Zambezi
Valley is completely water logged and people are stuck on patches of dry land.
And, given it's their rainy season it's likely they'll be there at least
another month."

According to Satow, the conditions are appalling.
"There's no clean water, no water to drink. They've lost their harvest, so
they're going to have food shortages in the future. On top of this flooding
there's been a cyclone. All of these disasters have hit a country that's one of
the poorest in Africa" she says.

The cyclone killed four people.

World Vision is there assisting with humanitarian aid.
"World Vision staff has provided food, water purification tablets,
survival kits, tents and mosquito nets because that's a real issue with a lot
of standing water. There's a real concern about malaria. Malaria is already the
number one killer disease in Mozambique."

The devastation has yet to hit the international media
spotlight, which is causing problems raising money for the relief effort. 

Satow is asking people to pray. "We need prayers for
the people who are stuck out on these islands. It's torrential rain right now.
I can't describe how hard it's raining. We're actually sleeping outside in
tents right now and I think it's going to be a wet night," Satow says.

While there are secular organizations helping with relief,
World Vision is helping for one reason. "It comes out of a commitment to
Christ. Christ always had a heart for the most vulnerable and I think the staff
of World Vision has that as their starting commitment."

Pray that the staff will be able to communicate the
commitment as they help. Funding is need to help facilitate this.  Go to to contribute.

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