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Published on 11 April, 2005

Tsunami relief continues, needs are great

India (MNN) — It’s been more than three months since the tsunami devastated 12 countries in Asia. While food and medical relief has helped short term, Hopegivers International MA Thomas says nothing has changed, at least in India.

Thomas says, “Now (it’s) history. And it is gone from the minds of people and they think that everything is normal, but it is the same conditions.”

Fishermen along the coast were hit the hardest, leaving behind many children. Hopegivers is building 12 Hope Home cottages to house the children of these fishermen, because they have such promise. “The fishermen community are the brave people. When they go to the ocean there are no guarantees when they will come back. That is one of the reasons Jesus Christ took most of His disciples from the fisherman community. And, I’ve got 150 children…all fishermen.”

These homes will have an incredible impact on evangelism. Thomas says, “At least 90 percent of my orphans in the orphanages (when they grow up) they make profession of faith in Christ. 70 to 80 percent of my orphaned children, those who know the Lord, they go for full time Christian ministry.”

The are several ways you can help. A donation of $1 a day can help feed, clothe and disciple an orphan. “You will see a missionary from the fisherman community standing and preaching the Gospel.” $1,000 can build a Hope Home to house a family that has lost their home.

Pray that God will use many to help this needy area of the world in a time when many have forgotten them.

Click on the link above to help Hopegivers International.

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