Turkey begins to emerge from the rubble

By March 10, 2010

Turkey (MNN) — Earthquake survivors in eastern Turkey are
trying to piece together shattered lives following this week's deadly quake.
Disaster officials rushed food and shelter to the affected region.  Aftershocks are slowing other forms of
help, and despair is beginning to surface. 

In the meantime, the victims are trying to survive the
winter cold in tents after their poorly-constructed homes collapsed Monday, killing 51 people.

More than 100 aftershocks struck the region, keeping people
from attempting to find more sturdy shelter. The damage appeared worst in the nearly totally destroyed Kurdish
village of Okcular.

According to the government, the situation is considered to
be under full control. It will take
longer for the emotional recovery.

Although TURK-7 is on the opposite side of the country, David Harder with SAT-7
says their staff is very concerned.  

They've been checking with local churches to see if they've
been directly affected, and so far, the report has been optimistic.

Harder says, "SAT-7 Turk exists to help
provide spiritual support. That's something we're glad to be able to do: to offer prayers for any families that may be suffering in this kind of
situation and to offer hope that comes through Jesus Christ."

The threat of an even more devastating earthquake in
Istanbul looms. Rather than feed off the
fear, the SAT-7 team is providing information and hope. "People, when they're
flipping through their satellite television channels, or going to the SAT-7
Turk site online, can listen and watch and learn more about Jesus who does
offer hope in any situation."

SAT-7 TURK begins its first broadcasts as a full member of
the SAT-7 network of channels this year. 
They are in a strategic location to share the hope of Christ through
Christian satellite television to the Middle East and North Africa. Keep praying wisdom for their teams.

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