Two billion people unreached—who are the ends of the earth?

By February 21, 2019

International (MNN) – Did you know most mission funds and Christian workers go to areas where there is already an established Gospel presence? But with two-billion people still unreached with the Gospel. It begs the question—who are these people who make up the “ends of the earth”?

Meeting the Unreached

Many Christians do not have a clear understanding of unreached people groups. Media and literature can only convey so much. However, CEO of World Mission, Greg Kelley says his organization wants to show us more.

(Photo courtesy of World Mission)

“We have vision trips that we’ll take people to, that allows them to experience and see areas that are unreached. They would go into a place, and they would meet people that are largely without a Gospel witness, and through our national partners, we mobilize, and we go into some of these communities. We distribute treasures, our solar-powered audio Bibles,” Kelley says.

“We meet people who are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhists. We pray over these areas. We pray with the people, but, there’s something amazing about having a historic experience of putting the word of God into someone’s hands for the first time in their lives.”

Kelley says at the end of the day these vision trips are about exposing the Church to the need for the Gospel in unreached regions. It is about challenging the Church to lean into these areas and fulfill the Great Commission. Kelley hopes the vision trips spark something in the Christians who experience them. He hopes it drives home the reality that people are living without the Gospel. It’s the “why” behind these trips. It’s about helping people understand the nations of the world who need access to the Gospel.

Join a Trip

World Mission has vision trips in Northern Kenya, Nepal, and the Philippines. Each of these countries has its own challenges for Christians and pockets of unreached people groups.

“Once someone comes into contact with a village, an individual, a people or family that has never heard of Jesus, it just changes your perspective entirely of missions,” Kelley says.

“For someone to experience a location that is totally void of Jesus, it will help them have a healthier understanding of the Great Commission and have them have a proper understanding of what the ends of the earth is.”

To learn more about a Vision Trip and get involved, reach out to World Mission here!

Finally, pray for more people to join in sharing the Gospel in unreached areas. Pray for national leaders who are doing the heavy lifting for the Gospel. Ask God to give them perseverance, strength, and encouragement in their work.



Header photo courtesy of World Mission.

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