TWR broadcasts hope amid Mali crisis

By July 28, 2020

Mali (MNN) — Following a day of virtual meetings, West African leaders want decisive action in Mali. Members of the 15-country regional bloc ECOWAS called for a unity government yesterday and warned against opposition interference. They’ve also asked 31 current Malian officials to step down, Premium Times reports:

“These resignations will pave the way for by-elections. Pending these by-elections, the Parliament will operate with the 116 remaining members.”

President Keita, a source of protestors’ contention, remains at the helm.

“The two things [Malians] wanted to do is [to dismiss] the Congressional Court because of the trouble. People [want] them to resign because they made a lot of mistakes during the last elections,” explains Abdoulaye Sangho, TWR’s International Director for West and Central Africa.

Even though protestors want Keita to resign, “the country cannot be without a president,” Sangho notes. “[If we] keep the president but get a new judge and rerun elections, maybe we will have some peace for some time.”

Why does Mali matter?

Many protestors blame President Keita for Mali’s problems. Anger and frustration sparked demonstrations earlier this month. When security forces killed 11 protesters, dissension grew into a movement.

“We have been frustrated all these years. [From] 2012 to today, there is no peace in the country. There is a lot of corruption at the level of government,” Sangho says.

Nonetheless, if chaos reigns in Mali, the rest of the region could quickly follow. “Mali is the Sahel border to the rest of West African countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, and so on. If that boundary broke down, Islam will affect the whole part of West Africa and maybe more,” Sangho explains.

“That’s why [we need] to make peace in this country of Mali.”

(Photo courtesy of TWR Africa via Facebook)

Sangho oversees TWR’s work in West and Central Africa. He says they’re still broadcasting the hope of Christ to the region despite difficulties. Produced by local partners, TWR’s content includes “programs to reach Muslims and programs about reconciliation, about peace; not only in Mali but in the whole area of West Africa,” Sangho says.

“We are not involved in politics; our objective is to bring people to know the Lord.”

Maybe you can’t directly influence West Africa’s decision-makers, but you know the God who can. Pray for peace and regional stability. Support TWR here to help Christ’s message of peace and reconciliation reach West Africa.

“It’s not only [people] in Mali who are going through this struggle; Burkina Faso also has suffered a lot. Many Christians have been killed; pastors have been killed in [recent] months, and they also need our prayers,” Sangho says.



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