TWR deploys mobile studios in Central Asia

By January 4, 2022

Central Asia (MNN) — Trans World Radio has developed mobile studios to use in parts of Central Asia. Frank Stephenson says when people can’t make it to a studio to record programming, the studio will come to them. “When we’re talking about Central Asia, we’re also talking about a very vast geographical area. Maybe we can compare it to the Midwest, where you have these great plains and just big distances. That’s how it is in Central Asia. Most people live in rural communities.”


Trans World Radio broadcasts the story of Jesus to people all around the world. In Central Asia, that often means serving persecuted Christians. Stephenson says, “How can we support these believers who don’t have a place to go to? Well, we can provide content through media and radio. But if we want to also get their stories, we need to meet in the same area. We can do that more easily with a mobile studio. Maybe we can’t meet in their town, but maybe they can go somewhere nearby and meet there.”

Stephenson says some of these Christians face persecution directly from their governments. Others see it more from their families, neighbors, and local authorities. “They don’t have maybe a church to go to or even Bible study groups. Some became believers while living abroad, others through media and radio. Everyone has a different story.”

How to pray

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of mobile studios. Much of Central Asia has poor health infrastructure. Stephenson says, “Some countries were even ignoring the fact that they had and it was even forbidden to talk about the coronavirus for a while. Until it was obvious that it is here to stay.”

Pray for the safety of these mobile studios across Central Asia. Ask God to reach many lives with the Gospel through this ministry.



The header image shows one of the mobile studios. (Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio) 

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