TWR encourages Western Christians to think globally

By October 14, 2020

International (MNN) — COVID-19 has shut down the Western world, disrupting daily life and throwing the economy into uncertainty. In the US, a bitter presidential election cycle consumes media and public attention.

But Lauren Libby of Trans World Radio says we can’t lose sight of the global Church. “We’re so fixated on our own community, our own country, our own political party in this country that we don’t see beyond that. Globally, there are big, big things going on. For instance, there’s a new law being put before the Duma in Russia, which would severely curtail any outside Christian leadership going into Russia.”

“You look at what’s going on in Venezuela, you look at what’s going on in other countries. You just don’t hear much about that, because we’re totally consumed internally right now.”

How can Western Christians practice being global Christians? Pay attention to things that are going on globally, especially thinking about how these things affect Christians and the spread of the Gospel.

Libby says, “We need to begin to figure out and put our focus on what the endgame really is. Whether it be in Europe, whether it be in Asia, whether it be in Latin America, or even right here, in our hometown. We need to stop and think about how we’re part of the kingdom of God and what that’s going to be and what that really means.”

Jesus is restoring and redeeming every nation on Earth, and that’s why he sent His disciples all over the world. It’s a global story, and you can find your place in it. Check back here at each day for more stories about the global Church.



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