TWR reaching Morocco’s quake zone with biblical hope

By September 15, 2023

Morocco (MNN) — After a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco last week, government aid has been slow and communities are frustrated. Over 2,900 people were killed and 5,500 injured.

The Moroccan government says the areas affected by the quake are hard to access in the mountains. For now, NGOs are reaching quake zones with aid and hope. Trans World Radio (TWR) is one ministry going to be Jesus’ hands and feet.

We spoke with Brother N*, TWR’s Arabic Ministries Director. “We have lined it up to go in there as of next Tuesday next week, and we are working on making copies of SD cards.


(Photo courtesy of TWR)

“Our teams on the ground are going in a few days to the zone where people are affected and giving these SD cards, spending time with people, showing them how to tune in, showing them how to install in their mobile phones, and helping them to listen.”

The SD cards come pre-loaded with biblical encouragement and TWR programming.

“We have content we just have developed recently in reaction to the situation in Syria and Turkiye – a program called When Your Whole World Changes,” says Brother N.

“This is mostly a devotional program, like five to seven minutes, just sharing the Word of God in a timely manner to people going through tough situations.”

Islam is the official state religion of Morocco. Over 99% of Moroccans don’t know Jesus. Please pray for open Gospel doors.

“We believe that we have a message [and] that if we tailor that well in the context that communicates to people in their current situation, it can bring the message of hope to them.”








*Name withheld for security.

Header photo courtesy of Tigmi Moiz/Unsplash.