TWR increases language offerings

By April 28, 2020

International (MNN) –TWR now produces content in over 275 languages, surpassing their previous total of around 230. These programs are available over radio broadcasts and digitally.

Grasping the Gospel

Lauren Libby believes there is an urgency to translate the Scripture and biblical programs into as many languages as possible.

“[With] the COVID-19 situation, people are beginning to evaluate their lives and look for meaning. When they can investigate Bible and also investigate biblical materials in their own language, it carries a double impact,” he explains.

“With half the world under some kind of lockdown order today, people in every culture need hope, they need assurance, and they need God more than ever. TWR is positioned with the media and languages to meet those needs.”

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Libby explains that offering biblical teaching in native languages is crucial for connecting people with the Gospel.

“The heart language ministers to people,” he says. “I heard a listener one time say, ‘I haven’t heard the Bible explained to my native language until now.’ [Hearing it] in [their] own native language is an incredible thing for a lot of people.”

By offering programs like Thru the Bible recordings in many languages and organizing home groups for discussion, listeners are able to make enduring connections with the Gospel.

Listening With Their Hearts

Libby explains that hearing the Gospel in one’s own native language often helps people connect with it on a much deeper level and can then lead to an even greater impact.

“An example [is] a person that I happen to know in Cuba, who’s very conversant in English and listens to Biblical programming in English,” he says. “But when he hears [the Gospel] in Spanish, it carries a double impact because it’s his native language. It’s what he grew up with; it’s what his family spoke. There’s a certain emotion that goes along with language.”

Libby notes another important reason for the continued translation of the Bible and biblical programs is the way it affects transmission of these ideas throughout people groups.

“Languages and cultures are inseparably tied. If you can tie the Bible into a person’s language, it soon [permeates] into a culture,” he says.

How You Can Help

Libby explains that one major way you can help is by downloading the TWR360 app or visiting the site and sharing this resource with neighbors, friends and family who speak other languages.

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He also asks for prayer as TWR continues to work toward the goal of offering programing in around 400 major languages.

“One of our prayer goals is to be able to get quality biblical teaching and biblical materials into those languages,” he says. “Our goal is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the whole world by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced.”



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