Typhoon Bopha hits the Philippines

By December 6, 2012

Philippines (MNN) — An intense typhoon hit southern Philippines early Tuesday. The storm reached top winds of 110 mph as it came ashore over the city of Baganga. Millions of people, many who live in remote and unprepared communities, were in the storm's path.

New Tribes Mission has many missionaries in the area when the typhoon hit. Gene and Carol Trudeau reported that it was the strongest typhoon they have experienced. Their 6-foot high cell phone antenna pole broke and crashed onto the roof right, breaking their solar panels. The high winds ripped away part of the roof, scattering or shattering solar panels.

Rain poured into the house, flooding the Trudeau's second floor bedroom and leaking into the lower level.

Hearing of their need, many believers in the village rushed to help the missionary couple, temporarily fixing the worst of the roof damage with some used sheet metal roofing. Even as their own homes needed repair, the Christians assisted the Trudeaus.

Gene and Carol then opened their home for those who needed shelter from the storm and shared their food, as well.

Pray that they will be able to repair the damages soon. Pray also for more opportunities for the Trudeaus to build relationships with villagers and share the God's Word.

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