Typhoon hits Philippines, hurts ministry work

By December 2, 2004

Philippines (MNN) — The death toll from a powerful rainstorm that triggered landslides and flash floods in the eastern Philippines is rising. The flood is affecting missions outreach.

IN Network says their work has been significantly affected. According to IN’s Donna Denmead says, “The work of IN Network church planters in Bicol, Quezon, and Mindoro will be severely hampered y the floods and devastation. In Manila large parts of Marikina have been flooded, including the area known as Labas Bakod where IN Network has a child assistance program.”

Pastor Nestor Flores is asking people to pray that God will protect the Philippines from another storm set to hit the country by early tomorrow.

IN Network hopes to be able to release funds so they’re able to distribute food and clothing to those affected by the floods.

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