U.S. representatives may be the key to Gao’s freedom

By November 20, 2009

China (MNN) — After 289 days, human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng is still missing. Over 106,000 signed petitions have been delivered to the Chinese embassy, and U.S. representatives have begun to speak up; but still no information has been released regarding Gao's whereabouts.

Gao Zhisheng went missing last February, an event which the Chinese government has hardly discussed since. Gao was abducted and tortured in the past, and no one knows what may be going on at present.

About a month ago, Gao was somehow able to get a hold of his brother on the phone. He managed to tell him, "I'm okay" before the call was disconnected.

ChinaAid Association has been tracking Gao's story from the beginning. ChinaAid believes the next step lies in the hands of U.S. representatives. U.S. pressure on the Chinese government may be very influential in obtaining Gao's freedom. Unfortunately, many U.S. representatives remain unaware of how much one Christian and his family have suffered at the hands of the Chinese government.

ChinaAid is calling on you to take just ten minutes to contact your local representative with a short e-mail. To find contact information and a guide for what to say to them, click here.

Continue to pray for Gao's safety. Pray that his faith would only be strengthened and that he would be a powerful witness to whoever is keeping him at the moment.

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