Ugandan believers unite to translate Scripture

By December 6, 2023

Uganda (MNN) – Denominational splits in the global Church cover everything from minor to primary theological and Church life issues. Often groups can struggle to work hand in hand post-split. However, recent efforts in Uganda brought together members of diverse churches with the single goal of Bible translation.

Coming Together for the Great Commission

Lindsay Olesberg with Wycliffe USA says, “For example, in a group of eight that would come from a particular language community, they would be from multiple villages and from multiple denominations. So you’d have an Anglican next to a Catholic, next to a Pentecostal — all working together on translating the Scripture for their community.”

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This collaboration benefits translations through additional workers and also helps build the unity of the global Church as a whole. Believers have the opportunity to work with members of other churches to accomplish the Great Commission as a team.

Some might imagine strife with this partnership, but Olesberg offers a different perspective.

“I think the Bible is the great unifier – that all Christians have confidence that it’s through God’s word that we know who God is. So regardless of the denomination, people can rally together around, ‘We want the Bible in our own language, so that the pastors within our denominations and church members, they’re able to really understand it.’”

Continuing the Work

This partnership in Uganda encourages Wycliffe USA as the body of Christ rallies together to provide Scripture to new languages. However, there is much work to be done.

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“There’s still over 1200 groups around the world – language communities – where Bible translation hasn’t even started yet,” Olesberg states, “So though there’s more Bible translation happening now than ever in all of world history, there’s still 1200 groups that are waiting for even a verse of Scripture to start.”

Please pray that God would provide support, partnership, and funding to come together so that more church-centric models of translation can occur. Pray that the right workers would feel His call and respond to the work.

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