Ukraine under strain

By December 16, 2013
Russian Ministries workers at the center of the protests in Ukraine.

Ukraine (MNN) — For the first time in weeks, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich made a few concessions on Friday attempting to defuse weeks of unrest over an anti-Europe policy. The meeting took place as protesters streamed into the capital from mainly western regions for a mass rally on Sunday, adding to the thousands who have been camping out in Kiev’s Independence Square.

Workers with Russian Ministries are in the heart of the protest, manning a prayer tent. President of Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba asks believers to “pray that God would give guidance to the government and guidance to churches and to opposition leaders, so there will be no bloodshed and that there will be a peaceful solution to this tension there.”

He’s also asking Christians to pray for demonstrators. Rakhuba explains. “Everybody’s requesting to have a Bible, or to have a New Testament. We believe this can bring transformational power into all this tension. Our workers, on behalf of Ukrainian churches, are asking for 100,000 copies of New Testaments that will be distributed in the midst of those protests.”

Protestors fear for their lives. None of them know if or when the government will react with force. “In talking with our workers, they have seen the military bosses coming to Kiev from other regions of the country, and apparently as the government loses control, the situation will go to despair. I really pray there will be no bloodshed.”

Protestors on the ground share these sentiments. “Please pray for our families. There is very dangerous time for all of us, huge pressure from government and secret services, as well as from criminal elements.”

Another Christian believers that revival could be coming to Ukraine. “God is moving not only to touch the non-believing people, but to shake church leaders.”

Former president of the Russian Baptist Union Yuri Sipko wrote a letter to young Christians leaders who are protesting. He wrote, “I admire you all, and your country, Ukraine! I am in prayer with you, because the reasons for this fight are right and holy, and that is why God is for you. We understand that these earthly powers are doomed, especially the heirs of brutal Stalinism, and I wish you and all the people of Ukraine true freedom, faith, peace, love, prosperity, solidarity, and resistance for the future and the happiness of your children! Please give my wholehearted greetings to all the brothers in Kiev. Stand firm! God is with you! I am praying for you.”

These words give encouragement to those sharing Christ literally on the front lines.

Rakhuba invites you also to help their efforts. “We need to raise enough funds to print 100,000 copies of the New Testament and distribute them urgently to the protestors.” Your donation of $100 purchases 200 New Testaments for this ministry. Click here to give.

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