Ukraine/Russia conflict could affect outreach

By January 12, 2009

Ukraine (MNN) — The Russia/Ukraine gas pipeline controversy still hasn't been resolved. The pipeline to Ukraine was shut down New Years Eve, and both sides are being blamed for the impasse.

Vice President for Russian Ministries Sergey Rakhuba says, "The animosity level is growing. In Russia there is a huge brainwashing campaign in its state-owned media, saying Ukrainians are thieves."

Ministry giving from the West has been affected by Russia's display of military might in Georgia and now by this energy monopoly. "When they see how much money Russia is making on oil and gas, people think Russians are wealthy people. Unfortunately they think that Russia doesn't need help any more. And it does impact giving."

Fortunately, Russian Ministries is training next generation church leaders to ignore that animosity. "We're training young people not to pay attention to the political side of this conflict but to continue spreading the Gospel and continue reaching out to their communities and be peacemakers."

You can support Russian Ministries' "Schools without Walls" program. Rukhuba says as these new leaders get training, they'll be focused on "spreading the Gospel and making a difference on behalf of their churches, reaching out to their communities and making Christ known through their actions."

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