Ukrainians brace for another winter of war; churches need support

By November 30, 2023

Ukraine (MNN) — Can Ukrainians survive another winter of Russia targeting the power grid? NATO Foreign Ministers wrapped up two days of meetings in Brussels yesterday discussing support for the war in Ukraine. A NATO chief says Russia has collected a large missile stockpile to make Ukraine “go dark” this winter.

Cutting off more power and heat will spell disaster this winter for Ukrainian citizens.

Slavic Gospel Association’s Eric Mock says, “There literally are people that recognize what it’s like to go to sleep at night when it’s only 30 degrees in your house, to get under the covers night after night and not be able to get warm, no matter how many layers of clothes you have.

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

“Every day, you’re cold. Every day, you’re dealing with terrible temperatures. Every day, you’re questioning, ‘Do I have enough food to feed my children?'”

Ukrainian villages near the frontlines are especially at risk, even if they’ve been liberated from Russian control.

“What we find is even when a village is liberated, it’s within artillery range. So even though they’re liberated, there’s no way to live in these villages [and] the people are being displaced,” says Mock.

“A lot of the people that are in these frontline villages are the elderly or women with children and nowhere to go. So part of what we’re doing is we’re helping local churches evacuate people out of these zones.”

Also, Mock says, “We’re continuing Ukraine relief. We’re trying to get food, aid, and also diesel fuel so they can rescue people from villages, as well as medical and hygiene items.”

Governments and political parties continue to debate ongoing war support for Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

However, with SGA, supporting Ukrainian churches with relief is not a political question. It’s a humanitarian question and — more importantly — a spiritual need.

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

“While everyone’s debating the right and the wrong and the politics, think the mom that’s trying to feed the children and she can’t get them warm. Think of the older man and woman who are shivering in the night every single night because of this ongoing war. That’s what the people in Ukraine are enduring.”

SGA and their church partners are being the hands and feet of Christ in places where the needs are increasing and the area is dangerous. Hope is desperately needed. Yet, Ukrainians are reaching for the anchoring promises and hope of Christ.

Pray for Ukrainian believers encouraged by SGA’s ministry and for non-believers finding comfort in Jesus.

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