Unique chance to change the lives of siblings needing adoption.

By April 21, 2005

International (MNN) — Bethany Christian Services is sending out an urgent plea for Christian families to adopt children internationally.

Jan Parmenter with Bethany says, “There really is a real heartfelt need for these children. They have grown under our care and not been able to have a family, and they need one.”

The unique need is this. 32 sibling sets need families who will love them enough to keep the siblings together, because,

Parmenter says, “The international staff that send these children to us, as well as our staff here, very much want to keep the children and their siblings together. They’ve already lost a lot and we don’t want them to lose each other.”

Adopting siblings is a challenging task, but worth it, says Parmenter. It’s a very special way to show the love of Christ.

“As the siblings go together that there is influence for one another, and the opportunity then for all of those children to experience and know a truly nurturing, loving home and come to Christ through that.”

Contact Bethany Christian Services if you are considering adoption and want to learn more information about adoption sibling sets. Call toll free in the USA 800.652.7082 or go to their website by following the highlighted link above.

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