Unity gains ground in Bible translation effort

By August 23, 2022

Southeast Asia (MNN) — Have you heard the old acronym, TEAM?: Together, Everyone Achieves More. That’s the idea behind a collaborative Bible translation effort in Southeast Asia.

In one country, unnamed for security purposes, “there is a Christian minority presence, and they’re very enthusiastic about [getting] God’s Word in their language,” Wycliffe USA’s Mark Taber says.

“But there are large populations that are resistant to the Gospel.”

There may be opposition, but the Lord is working through His people. “This is an amazing period in history; we’re seeing the Holy Spirit move in a way that, in my 40 years on the field, I’ve never seen happen before,” Taber says.

“We’re seeing this unprecedented collaboration in Bible translation and synergy of effort.”

For example, eight organizations signed a collaborative agreement last month to start Bible translation in seven of the region’s language communities. “That kind of thing hasn’t happened in the past,” Taber says.

“It used to be one or two organizations involved in Bible translation. But now, local churches and organizations are seeing the value and the need [for] God’s word, so they want to be involved.”

Team members participate in an exercise during a recent Global Partnerships team meeting.
(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

As a Partnership Facilitator, Taber coordinates efforts between different groups involved in Bible translation. “We’re a larger collaboration of organizations and denominations called Global Partnerships,” Taber says.

“We’re seeing real unity of the Spirit as we come together as multiple organizations and churches.”

If you like working on or leading a team, reach out to Wycliffe USA today.

“Whatever your expertise, there’s a place [for it] in the Bible translation movement,” Taber says.



Header image depicts participants at a recent training event for Global Partnerships staff. (Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)