Unreached people groups gain new advocate

By November 14, 2018

International (MNN) — A new but familiar face is advocating for unreached people groups.

Mark Kordic has a long history with Christian nonprofits, including Mission Network News. Decades of experience and connections will play a critical role in his new position at the Alliance for the Unreached.

“I love the fact that Mission Network News is focused on encouraging people to pray for the news. I remember 25 years ago being part of Cedarville University’s radio network and we discussed that very idea as an outcome of what we were trying to do in the newsroom,” recalls Kordic.

“I was attracted to this organization because they have the same heartbeat.”

In his new role as Advancement Director for the Alliance, Kordic will be responsible for “representing them in the media and seeking strategic international partners, whether they be churches or ministries or prayer networks, that are focused on the unreached.”

Who is Mark Kordic?

(Header and story image courtesy Mark Kordic)

Mark Kordic launched his career in a small Ohio town where he was hired on as a missions pastor by an internationally-minded church. Since 1986, he’s connected people with community-transforming projects and faith-based organizations focused on higher education, media, the Church, and worldwide missions.

More about Mark Kordic here.

According to this press release, Kordic began the very first Alliance of the Unreached and International Day of the Unreached in 2016 while serving as Executive Relations Director with Seed Company. Now, his focus is shifting from initiation to continuation and growth.

“Pray for patience because there are so many opportunities,” he requests. “I’ve listed 531 organizations that could be potential partners.

Pray for “discernment about what direction to go, who to contact, what conference to go to, what church group to initiate a call.”

Why does any of this matter?

The Alliance for the Unreached is a consortium of 15 missions organizations that are focused on reaching unreached people groups in different ways. Their primary goal is to get North American Christians involved in the Great Commission.

Why the big “push”? More than two billion people lack access to Jesus and His Good News. That’s changing, though, and you can be part of the movement.

“This is the fastest acceleration of discipleship toward unreached people groups in the history of the Church.”

There are several resources listed here on the International Day of the Unreached website, or you can click here to download a Great Commission Action Guide.


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