Unrest grows in Haiti

By April 27, 2016

Haiti (MNN) – Haiti has virtually vanished off of the front page news. Finding the current headlines on the government crisis, the flooding, the doctor’s strike reveals a dearth of new information.

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

Yet, Haiti is in real trouble. Two-and-a-half million Haitians live in extreme poverty as Haiti is the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, according to the World Food Program.

The government is in chaos. The United Nations is “deeply concerned” that the agreed-upon date for holding elections in Haiti was not met over the weekend. Lawmakers have offered no alternate electoral calendar, either, following the cancellation of January’s elections.

January was followed by weeks of heavy rains and flooding in the North in February and March, and now flooding this month in the West. Yet, few of these stories remain on the global consciousness. The only way details are getting out is through word-of-mouth communications from Haitians working to be part of the solution.

For Haiti With Love co-founder Eva DeHart says that the government hasn’t paid its doctors in so long, they’ve gone on strike, effectively closing the main hospital. But, life goes on, and when people get hurt or burned, there are few choices — except for the privately-run medical clinics, like the one For Haiti With Love runs.

DeHart recently shared a picture on the ministry’s Facebook group with the following caption:

“This man went first to the hospital and then to FHL – he had a major cut – dreadlocks had to go, shaved the area and still have difficult time getting the bleeding stopped. Got him stitched up and will see him tomorrow.”

She goes on to note that there is a lot of illness, because people don’t have the money to see doctors or buy medications. The exchange rate (on money) makes food too expensive. “There are vendor strikes because the food is too expensive for them to buy, let alone be able to resell it.”

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

(Photo courtesy For Haiti With Love)

But in this case too, For Haiti with Love is there, with a feeding program, with a medical clinic that has already had more burn patients in 2016 than ever before. DeHart writes, “There are more seizure patients. Whether it is increasing from stress, or we are seeing them now because they don’t have money for medications they were previously buying on their own, the numbers are climbing.”

People are desperate just to find a way to survive. Haiti faces big challenges, with problems that run an endless loop of bigger problems.

For Haiti With Love is doing what it can to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs. They show God’s love by following the Lord’s commands in Matthew 25:35-40 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, and shelter the homeless. When their team meets the physical needs, it often gives them an opportunity to answer the question, “Why are you helping me?” The Gospel is the natural answer.  Giving freely of God’s love and gifts opens the door to hope in a way that they’ve never known before.


  • Master says:

    Let us pray for Haiti with love and honour

  • roman says:

    I pray I pray I pray everyday, but why oh why must I say Haiti is the way it stays. I hope, I cope but nope Haiti is the same. U.N. is useless , toothless, ruthless stupidness. All these people praying yet Haiti keeps staying in the same miserable state. Why oh why oh why. I cry a tear not for the Haitians but for the complex disorder that the foreigners have created. The powers that be that say they are there to help but only hurt.
    Please stop praying so much and just do what needs to be done, Give Haiti the tools and quit playing them like fools.

  • Randy says:

    I can’t belive how awful things are in Haiti.

    People gave millions and millions to the Clinton Foundation so all these systemic problems like housing , employment, food, etc. would be fixed.
    Do you mean to say the Clinton Foundation didn’t use the money for Haiti ?? How can that be ? Hillery loves the black community? ?
    I don’t get it. Here’s a suggestion though. Maybe if the Haitian people were registered US voters, then Hillary might let go of some of that money for Haiti. What do you think?

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