Unusual ministry call finds fertile fields in Peru

By October 14, 2009

Peru (MNN) — Missions and evangelism was always a passion for the
Ivey family, but  Arthur
Ivey with The Mission Society says their family's call came while he was reading a newspaper article
about grave robbing at archeological digs in Peru. 

"The Lord just said, 'That's what I want
you do: go to Peru.' I kind of
responded, 'You want me to go rob graves in Peru?' And the Lord said, 'Yes. Remember, I've been teaching you about
the divine grave robbery in the story of Lazarus. Now, I want you and your family to go to Peru
and roll away the stones from the tombs of sin and death there.'"  

The Iveys began to work. They did then much of what they still do today.  Arthur ministered in church planting, evangelism
and discipleship, and assisted short-term mission teams. His wife, Mary
Alice, a former teacher, worked in children's and youth ministry. 

At first, they saw great success in evangelism. Arthur recounts, "Then we began to realize there was no
place, really, for those new Christians to be discipled or to be raised

Eight years later, there are 2600 people in the discipleship
program. They are working to translate
the curriculum they use into two Quechua dialects, Panao and Huancavalica.

The Ivey's goal is to bring people to know Jesus as Lord and train them to be able
to witness to others. They have seen a dramatic change in the lives of many people who come to Christ and seek to live a godly life.

Opportunities abound through the short-term mission teams the Ivey's host. For example, just last
month, 16 members of Dalton First
United Methodist Church arrived to help with a medical campaign in
Iscosazin, a small town deep in the jungle.  

The medical campaign lasted
for three days: there were 1008 people who received attention, 182
who professed faith in Jesus Christ, and 25 persons who reconciled their lives
to Christ. 

The Iveys also run a "Kids' Club" ministry. More than 850 children come
to the Clubs each week. There are currently 48 leaders leading 12 groups of clubs in parks and open fields all over Peru. There is a need for more group
leaders so the program can expand and reach more children.

With all the things involved in ministry, one need consistently re-emerges. Ivey says, "Pray for God to call workers to come
in and be part of the harvest that He has given us there in Peru and to be
willing to be trained and lifted up to points of leadership where they,
themselves, have a heart to reach and bring others into a close relationship
with Jesus Christ." If you'd like
more information, click here.


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