Up to four million refugees could flee Ukraine

By March 2, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — After a Russian invasion, fierce fighting continues across Ukraine. Over half a million refugees have already fled the country, with more on the way. Lines of cars and buses wait to cross the borders of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova.

The UN says up to four million total refugees may try to leave Ukraine.

Ukrainian churches

Eric Mock with the Slavic Gospel Association says Ukrainian churches continue to care for those in need. “What we’re doing is building on the network that already exists, which is serving the national churches. A lot of the people have moved from the East to the West.”

Mock says most of the need is in the West, as the population moves. “A lot of the need is now transitioning to Poland, and we’re working with church leaders in Poland to make sure they’re able to help those in need.”

Even the refugees who make it to Poland often see their families split at the border, Mock says. “Just the moms and the kids are getting through. Dad is picking up a gun and going back to defend. The kids are recognizing they may never see their dad again.”


SGA sends money to local churches, which buy warm blankets, food, and even medicine. Mock says in Eastern Ukraine these things are hard to come by, but they are still available in the West. “The humanitarian catastrophe is already upon them. There has already been substantial destruction to infrastructure.”

“The people have had to bear such a trauma. I don’t think our generation will forget what we are seeing.”

Pray for an end to the violence in Ukraine. Ask God to heal those who have suffered trauma and hardship. To support SGA’s work in Ukraine and among refugees, click here.



Header photo courtesy of SGA on Facebook.