USA ministry help Christians assist hurricane victims

By July 15, 2005

USA (MNN) — While Hurricane Dennis has left 2 people dead in the United States and 22 dead in the Caribbean, Christians are gearing up to help. Operation Blessing International is one such group.

OBI President Bill Horan says they’re just one organization helping the victims in the U-S by providing food and other supplies. They’re providing these supplies to other Christian groups like the Salvation Army, just one organization sharing the Gospel, says Horan. “We bring the food and the resources. These fellows have the mobile canteens. And, when each one of these canteens goes out in the morning to feed people, each one of those canteens has got a pastor on board. And, besides feeding the folks, they are there to meet their spiritual needs and to pray with them.” But, Horan says that doesn’t work very well unless their physical needs are met.

Horan says while there are needs in the U-S, Cuba is more of a concern for him. “The particular storm it really caused the most damage in Cuba. The power’s still out down there. We’ve not been able to get any communication from folks on the ground in Cuba. We know that they are devastated. And, unfortunately their government has resisted our state department, as far as reaching out to help them.”

100-percent of your financial gifts go directly to the relief effort. Click on the highlighted link above to help them.

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