Used Christian books/Bibles are needed

By June 10, 2005

USA (MNN) — The need is desperate. Many Christians around the world don’t have a Bible, study Bible, commentary, or other resources to help them grow in their faith and help them become effective in evangelism and church planting.

That’s where Christian Resources International is helping hundreds of believers around the world. CRI’s Fred Palmerton says they collect these used resources and send them overseas. “People are calling us, writing us, e-mailing us, wanting Christian literature, Bibles, books, study guides, and daily devotionals. We receive approximately 150 requests from individuals around the world every month.”

Palmerton says that’s why CRI needs your unused Bibles or other resources. They put them into a package and send them out to those Christians who have made the request. Once you do send the material, Palmerton is asking you to do something else. “I would encourage them to include a small gift. $15 or more will send a box of books anywhere in the world at this time.”

Your financial help is particularly needed now, says Palmerton. “Our backlog of individual requests is what we’re concentrating on. We’ve got that down to several hundred now, versus several thousand a few months ago.”

You you can send you used Christian books, Bibles, other resources and a gift to cover shipping costs, to:

Christian Resources International
200 Free Street
Fowlerville MI 48836

Or click on the highlighted link above for further details.

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