Severe drought in Mozambique sparks famine fears.

By June 9, 2005

Mozambique (MNN)–Mozambique has had no rain since mid-January, sparking fears of famine. Southern Africa is again faced with widespread crop failures.

The impact may not be as harsh as it is in neighboring countries, in part, because its main maize producing area has been spared.

However, there may still be a need for international assistance…which brings yet another problem to the forefront. Because much of the food aid went to the black market during the one, aid groups like OMS International, learned to counter.

OMS’ Vaughn Telfer says the situation may actually help their ministry. “We need to get the funds into the people’s hands that we know are going to bless those that are hungry instead of just trying to make money for themselves. So that’s why we urge people to give through mission organizations. God really blessed us and he just opened doors for many new churches to be planted.”

Due to the suffering, the spiritual crisis is at a peak. Many of the indigenous clerics have sought dark magic to reverse their ‘fortunes’. But their solutions have proven somewhat hollow as the hunger grinds on.

Interestingly, Telfer says people are open, perhaps enthusiastic about hearing the Gospel. The fact that they readily respond is shown by OMS’ series of church plants throughout the country.

The team has organized three churches in Mozambique with 200 members. There are 30 students in leadership training courses. Telfer explains that they have new church plants in two provinces, with one that is very active in Zambezia. “It’s exciting to see what God is doing through the people there because those people, other than receiving the Good News through the JESUS Film and some Bibles in their own language, they’re taking the gospel to their own people. We’ve only sent one of our young seminarians up there, and the Gospel is spreading so quickly.”

Telfer’s work in the country is multi-faceted. He was instrumental in starting the Christian Academy of Mozambique (CAM). The school was started in support of other missionary work. It is OMS’ American school for missionary kids and other non-native students.

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