Victims of Hurricane Katrina will get “Books of Hope”

By September 12, 2005

USA (MNN) — Thousands of Christians are in the Hurricane Katrina zone helping with the physical needs — food, water, clothing, shelter, medicine. That and more accompanies a relief effort as massive as this one. The other relief can’t be seen. It’s the emotional relief, the spiritual relief, that type of relief that can only come through Christ.

Book of Hope , USA is helping with that relief effort by shipping 100,000 Books of Hope to the region. Book of Hope’s Blake Silverstrom says, “I think it’s important, of course, to take care of their immediate physical needs, but also we need to take care of the needs of the heart. We’ve got great Christian people down there that are participating in this evangelistic effort on all levels. Holistically, spiritually and so on, this is an incredible way of reaching people dwn there.”

Funding is needed to help with this unbudgeted purchase. Silverstrom says this is just the beginning of what they plan to do as finances allow. “It’s just the tip of the iceberg. As long as we can prints books fast enough we will make these books available to organizations for this disaster and beyond.”

Silverstrom says it’s been difficult for them to minister in the U-S until now. “We’ve really struggled to get into schools. We’ve been met with a tremendous amount of indifference and regulations. This is one way where God’s going to penetrate the hearts of those in need.”

$1 can put purchase a Book of Hope for someone in need. Click on the link above to help.

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