Victory Day 2022 is “just another day” in war-torn Ukraine

By May 6, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — Political and military analysts expect something big on Monday from Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding his intentions with the Ukraine conflict.

Normally, “May 9 [is] a commemorative day with military parades and [other celebrations]. It’s Victory Day – when the Nazis were defeated, and Europe was officially liberated,” Frank Stephenson, Communications Director for TransWorld Radio Europe, says.

Last week, Britain’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Putin could use the occasion to mobilize reserve forces. U.S. officials echoed the warning on Tuesday, saying Russia may use May 9 to formalize and justify its actions.

Soldier examines an unexploded rocket in Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Russia’s foreign minister says the anniversary will have no bearing on military operations in Ukraine. However, May 9 is significant to Russia because Soviet troops were the victors in World War II.

Typically, large parades and important speeches mark the occasion in Russia. “Of course, it (May 9) might have a different significance this year,” Stephenson notes.

Only the Lord knows what will happen on Monday. For the TWR Ukraine team, “it’s not going to be a different day. It’s just doing the best you can, serving your people, and sharing hope,” Stephenson says.

“For them, it’s just another day in the midst of this tragic and senseless war.”

Ask the Lord to protect believers as they continue work in Kyiv. Support their efforts here through TWR’s crisis fund.

“A few of the team members are back (in Kyiv) and can do programs. Alexander, the director of TWR Ukraine, is very dedicated to [making] sure the staff can do all they can to speak hope to Ukraine,” Stephenson says.

Praise God for maintaining TWR Ukraine’s studio facility during the Russian occupation.

“The condition (of the studio) is pretty good. It’s all in place, so we’re very thankful for that,” Stephenson says.



Header image depicts the 2020 Victory Day parade in Moscow, Russia. (Wikimedia Commons)