Violence continues in Sudan, your help is needed

By August 14, 2007

Sudan (MNN) — Violence in southern Sudan seems to have stabilized. However, in Darfur, violence continues. Recent statistics confirm that millions of people are displaced, and 200,000 people have been killed due to the violence.

While talks continue in Darfur, there's one event that the country is looking toward, says Voice of the Martyrs' Todd Nettleton. "Everyone in the country is pointing to the vote a few years from now where the people of southern Sudan are scheduled to have a referendum on whether they stay a part of a unified Sudan or whether they break off and form a separate country."

In the meantime, the needs continue to mount. Voice of the Martyrs is helping with a program called, "Blanket and a Bible." VOM's Todd Nettleton says, "We've already delivered more than a quarter million blankets into the country of Sudan, distributing them through Christians and churches, and we're asking people to continue to help us with that program."

Nettleton explains how the program works. "People send us a blanket — used, in good shape, new, which ever. They send us that blanket and send us $2 to cover the delivery costs. We will get it there. We'll deliver it, and along with that, we'll put a copy of the Scriptures in a language the people can understand."

For the Christians, Nettleton says the blankets are a great comfort during the cool Sudanese evenings. Providing Scripture "helps to strengthen their faith in Christ. [It} helps to strengthen the church so that they can withstand the persecution that they face now, as well as what could come down the road."

According to Nettleton, it also helps with evangelism. "Christians will in turn take that blanket and share that with Muslim friends and Muslim neighbors with the word, 'Our Christian brothers and sisters in the United States have sent this blanket. We want to share it with you as a demonstration of the love of Christ."

If you'd like information on how you can help the "Blanket and a Bible" campaign, click here.

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